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  • Jordan Goode

    My name is Jordan Goode and I am an LCSW and Children’s Play Therapist. I specialize in treating children 2- 10 years old who are struggling with trauma, attachment disorders, anxiety, and emotional and behavioral issues. In individual and family sessions I utilize traditional play therapy and sand tray, art therapy, Child-Parent Relationship Therapy, and EMDR interventions. I believe in the healing power of therapeutic play! I provide children with a safe space and the materials needed to process and communicate past experiences and emotions, help them organize their thoughts and make healthy reframes, and teach coping skills, appropriate outlets, and feeling recognition. In family sessions I help caregivers and children work on strengthening their relationship and increasing trust through intentional play-based work and parent coaching. My approach is nurturing, accepting and strength-based with both children and caregivers; I have a strong passion for working with caregivers and view them as the experts on their child and family. I offer psychoeducational support to caregivers in parent sessions and group settings to teach trauma-informed discipline and interventions to help children in the home. It is such an honor to be trusted by the caregivers and children I work with, and I look forward to holding your and your child’s hands through this journey of healing.