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  • Susan Levin, LMFT Founder

    Susan Levin has been in private practice since 2009 and is the co-owner of Suda Centers. In her practice, Susan works with individuals, couples and families. Susan specializes in depression, anxiety, relationship challenges, life transitions and addiction. Susan also serves as the clinical director of a substance use treatment center and is a clinical supervisor at a non-profit treatment center. Mentoring others has enabled her to gain a wide variety of clinical skills and knowledge base. In her own words her philosophy is as follows:

    “I believe we all have the capacity to change. We often feel judged by the world around us and the people in our lives. My philosophy is that in a safe nonjudgmental environment we can explore and understand ourselves and our relationships. This awareness is the first step towards change. My goal is to provide that safe space for clients. Collaboratively I strive to help clients deal with issues such as low self esteem, depression, anxiety, communication skills and life’s most challenging issues.”